Welcome to the KakaSaku Exchange. This is an annual gift exchange of fan art focused Kakashi and Sakura from Naruto as a romantic ship.

Currently running the 2023 Creation Period.

2022/23 Schedule

Sign-ups Open: December 1st - 31st
Assignments: January 5th
1st Check-in: February 1st
2nd Check-in: March 1st
Gifts Posted: March 31st


Authors: 2,500 word count
Artists: clean sketch w/ simple shading


• Participants must respect their giftees request and DNW indications both.• Participants must show basic consideration and respect for one another, no bashing, discrimination, or harassment will be tolerated. This includes ship bashing.• All works must meet the minimum requirements for the challenge. Exceeding the requirements is no problem at all!• Works must not be shared publicly before the posting date.


Q: Are NSFW/Dead-Dove requests/gifts allowed?
A: Absolutely! You'll be given the chance to specify your preferences during the request submission process.
Q: Does that mean I'll have to write/draw a NSFW gift? What if I'm not comfortable with that?
A: No, not at all! Everyone will be given the chance to opt-out of being assigned any type of request they're not comfortable with.
Q: How many pieces will I be expected to create? How many will I receive?
A: Everyone is expected to create one piece and everyone will receive one piece. Gifters are absolutely allowed to create more than one gift for their giftee, but it's not a requirement.
Q: Is there a system for treats?
A: As this is the first year the event has run, we don't have any treats up for grabs yet, but once the event has been completed, prompts will be publicly shared on AO3 (unless requested otherwise, of course) so that people can create treats any time they'd like!